Duschans Schulweg


Little Duschan is Late for school again! Help him pack his schoolbag, get dressed and catch the bus. But beware, there could be some complications along the way.

Duschans Schulweg is a simple point-and-click adventure game for kids of ages 6-11. The game was made in cooperation with Goethe Institut to be used in a german language courses for children.

We developed a 2-lesson education plan, in which children are supposed to play the game, than complete a set of word exercises and then play a little theatre depicting scenes from the game where they re-tell Duschans story in german. The in game narative therefore had to be simple to tell but memorable and incorporate parts that are repeating with some variatons. That is why we chose the 3-day structure, where each day Duschan wakes up and goes to school. But each day he has to face different problems along the way, like an angry dog, missed bus or bulies who stole his bike.

The game is primary build for touch devices (iPad, android tablets), but can be played on web as well (webGL) and is also optimized for SmartBoards so it can be also used in a modern classroom.


Dev Team

Design: Peter Fačko

Art: Jana Malatincová

Code: Alexander Palásthy

Special thanks to Jana Balušíková and guys from for making those awesome soundtracks and sfx possible.