About game

Bratislava Game jam 2016 Best Aeshetic Experience Award winner

Outside is a short first-person narrative game made for Bratislava Game Jam 2016. The theme of the jam was: “transition”. The game is about an old man struggling with loneliness while trying to break free from his daily routine. The player has a possibility to break the circle of his monotony and escape, or he can decide not to do anything and stay in his everyday routine forever. The game uses a movie-like cutting between scenes to show a short “windows” of a fast passing time and a blend of hand-drawn 2d graphics with voxel based 3d environments.

Dev team

Jana Malatincova – illustration, Peter Facko – game design / 3d graphics, Alexander Palasthy – code, Jana Balusikova – SFX, copywriting

Special thanks to guys from for making those awesome soundtracks and sfx possible.

We would also like to thank the organizers, Lubica and Matej, from Mladý pes and all the game jam participants, for creating such a wonderful atmosphere.